I’m Baaack

We’re 10 days into 2014, but since this is my first post of the year let me start by saying Happy New Year.

Ah, it feels good to sit down and write. I realize not many folks see my posts, but as Cyril Connolly said, “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.”

No self. I understand that feeling. And after three weeks of having three kids home on winter break (it was extended a week, thanks to the Polar Vortex), I’m finally taking a little time for myself. Thus, the long overdue blogging!

Oh yeah–the cobwebs I dusted off my keyboard weren’t of Miss Havisham proportion, but they were impressive enough. This past spring, I intended to start a new routine with my blog. After I joined the Book Hungry Book Club, I figured I’d at least post a book review once a month. Alas, I fell behind after the first two reads. Terrible, I know.

A fresh start is synonymous with a new year, though, and I’m going to take advantage! The next several—actually seven—posts will be reviews of the books we Book Hungry gals read June through December. So, stay tuned!


You’ve Got To Believe

“You don’t need a new year to change your life . . . but it helps.” 

– Maggie DeHaven

Of all the New Year sentiments I read on Twitter, the one above stood out the most.

You don’t need a new year to be introspective . . . but it helps.  Whether or not it results in making a resolution, I imagine each of us does some self evaluating at the turn of each new year.  Do you ever pause to take stock?  If so, do you use the information to set the tone for your future?

There are so many things in life that we simply cannot control.  The things we can control are our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.  I am confident that my thoughts, beliefs, and actions of yesterday had everything to do with where I am today.  Likewise; my thoughts, beliefs, and actions of today will make all the difference in where I will be in the future.

To do the things we never dreamed possible, we must first believe in ourselves.  We don’t need a new year to start believing in ourselves . . . but it helps!  And if you need a little musical inspiration, just listen to Lenny.

CARPE DIEM and Happy New Year!

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