Photo by Lionel Guyou

Photo by Lionel Guyou

This post is for Karla Nellenback. Because she is cuddly. And because #ohHenrymyHenry. You’re welcome.

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Oh Henry ! . . . No, I Don’t Mean the Candy Bar

Since I posted about Pinterest (here), I confess that I simply haven’t had time to browse and manage my pinboards. But I do get reminders that keep Pinterest on my radar. These reminders are in the form of emails to notify me that someone has repinned one of my pins. I have several pictures pinned—not a ton, but more than a few—so I find it fascinating that 99% of the repins have been of the same single picture: this divine shot of Henry Cavill taken by Lorenzo Agius for Men’s Health magazine London in 2008.

If you are not familiar with Henry Cavill, he played Charles Brandon in the Showtime series THE TUDORS. He seems well suited to play historical fiction characters, I think. But as much as I appreciate the young man’s looks and talent (and looks), I struggle to think of him as the next Superman (movie due in 2013).  I can imagine him as a Greek hero, however, and look forward to seeing him in IMMORTALS (to be released 11/11/11).

This summer, a picture of Henry was featured in this awesomely awesome blog post by Noa of the Paperback Dolls. I give my deepest thanks to author extraordinaire Deanna Raybourn for providing the link to Noa’s post on her fantabulous blog. Deanna’s character Nicholas Brisbane was featured in the post. Brisbane, dearest Brisbane, is my number one literary crush of all time. Do yourself a favor and read Deanna’s Lady Julia Grey series. You will thank me later. You will.

Okay, back to Henry. When Noa used a picture of Henry to illustrate C.S. Harris’s character Sebastian St. Cyr (another literary object of my affection), I had an Aha! moment: I should find a picture of Henry for the slot on the cover of my Nook . . . something that’ll represent the perfect historical fiction mystery/romance hero. Although I don’t imagine Henry as Brisbane (dearest Brisbane), I do think I hit the jackpot in finding this picture. And, obviously, a slew of fellow Pinterest junkies like the photo as well.

So, what do you think about the Oh Henry photo?  What types of books do you like to read?  Do you have a number one literary crush of all time?

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