I tell you I’m okay but, really, I’m not.

I’ve lost my tools, my motivation.

Where did they go? They were right here…a few months ago.

I’m in a slump.

I’ve broken promises I made to myself.

I’ve forgotten the importance of putting on the oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs.

Maybe I’m the one who needs assistance this time.





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  1. Recognizing a situation is often the first step in fixing it. This exemplifies that to the letter. We often forget to take care of ourselves, because we’re so caught up in taking care of others. Yet, if we run ourselves ragged looking after other folks, we’re doing a disservice all around. We can only be our best when we treat ourselves right/take care of ourselves.

    Great post, darling.

  2. We all go through it, sweetie. Life gets rough or boring or too overwhelming so we shut down or numb out. Sometimes you just need to fake it ’til you make it. You’ll get your mojo back…just admitting you may have misplaced it is a big step in the right direction.

  3. It’s just January and winter and not enough sunlight. We’re probably supposed to be hibernating but because there are bills to pay and children to haul and mouths to feed, we can’t do what is biologically necessary (I’m making this up, by the way, based on the fact that I wish I were a hibernator) so your brain is doing the next best thing and autopiloting until it feels rested.
    Things may have even already gotten better; as you can see, I am late reading and commenting. :/

    • Hibernating–YES. That sounds perfect! Thanks for the words of encouragement, deary. Things have gotten better, but I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring. Thank you for commenting! I hope you are well!! xoxo

      • I am well now, thank you. I was attacked by a sinus infection and upper respiratory infection but you know what? I z-packed their butts and they are hightailing it outta here.
        Stay warm, stay cozy, spring is on its way. Just one more month! And it’s a short one!


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