No One Truly Knows How Hard You Try

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted about my half marathon training.  It’s past time for an update!

Today marks the beginning of training week number seven and I can’t believe how far I have come.  Physically, I can now do a six mile run and, starting this week, will be averaging 20 miles a week.  I’m sure my 12 minute mile isn’t fast by “runner standards”, but considering that I’m new at this (and my routes include hills), I’ll take it!

What I want to share with you today is the breakdown of my Week Five; the week I mentally turned the curve:

That Monday I found myself thinking strange thoughts; as I drove past a pair of runners I thought “Yeah, the weather’s great for a run!  I wish I could join them.” —-WHAT?  Where did that come from?

As I explained here, I will be running the half marathon in memory of my brother and in support of CF research.  So when the news of the FDA’s approval of Kalydeco broke on Tuesday, I was walking on air.  I was so elated that I figured I would rock my 4 mile training run.  Ah, but that was not the case.  Instead, it ended up being a brutal, ugly, fight-for-every-mile kind of run.  It left me deflated, frustrated, and glad that cross training was on Wednesday’s agenda.

When I strapped on my running shoes that Thursday, I was plagued by negative thoughts:  What if I have another crappy run?  What if I get injured?  What if can’t see this commitment through?  Then, about midway through my run, I decided there was no room for negative thinking.  I pictured Andy, thought of Kevin Dwyer and so many CF friends, and was reminded of the courage and determination CFers need just to survive.  Remembering why I signed up for this, I shed the last scale of doubt and embraced it – I’m gonna do this!   I AM A RUNNER!

Image shared from another source

A friend of mine shared this picture during my Week Five.  Its sentiment certainly rings true for runners.  When you simply replace “running” with “living”, it rings true for all.

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  1. Keep running Blake……It’s great to hear you are doing so well and overcoming negative thoughts…..keep it up and good luck!

  2. Steve Blume

     /  February 13, 2012

    I know how you feel. We all start there and the transition is gradual, but one day you realize you WANT to be out there. Keep it up.

    • Thank you, Steve. I enjoy your posts and am so thankful to be a part of such a great training group. I wouldn’t have made it this far with out Fleet Feet!

  3. Blake, I am so, so proud of you. This is a challenge. It is something you are more than equal to. You have determination, and you are doing awesome.

    Btw, I ran three miles yesterday. I’ve got three more on the docket for today. Yesterday, I ran the entire thing to Shake it Out on repeat. It kind of rocked. 🙂

    A 12 minute mile is respectable, chica. The only person you’re racing against is yourself. As long as you’re getting it done, that’s what matters. Plus, you’re doing HILLS. Those suckers are hard.

    Keep up the excellent work, my dear. 🙂

    • My number one cheerleader, you are fabulous! Your support really is invaluable!

      Yay you, for getting back in the groove so quickly! Shake It Out on repeat? Great idea! I just may steal that one from ya. 😀

      • I did it yesterday, too, while I ran. It really helped pass the time better. I measured how much longer via song. Yeah, I’m a dork. *grin*

  4. This is really great inspiration. It’s so easy to get frustrated with running, but no matter how much it hurts, there are people who would gladly accept the pain in exchange for the ability. I’m going to try to keep that in mind the next time I have trouble dragging myself out of bed to run.

    • Thank you, Jim! The experience of training for this half marathon has challenged me mentally even more than it has physically and I’ll all the better for it. 🙂 Best of luck, Jim! One step at a time. 🙂

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