Training Accountability and Mental Gymnastics

There are a variety of ways in which I keep myself accountable as I train for my first half marathon.  One way is to note my completed daily training task in the status line on my Facebook page.  So far, I have been diligent in posting every day.  My hope is that if I slack off, a friend will call me out on it.  Therein lies the accountability!

It is nearly the end of the third week of the 17 week training schedule.  Only . . . week . . . three . . . .  Currently, I am doing my weekday mileage on a treadmill.  This week I have concentrated on building up my endurance by moving at a slower pace on an incline.  Everything has gone so far so good, until today.

Today, it seemed as if I spent an eternity trudging through the requisite three miles.  Why?  The only thing I did differently was focus on shortening my stride and keeping my abdominal muscles pulled in.  Ah . . . but doing so required quite a bit of concentration; like trying to rub my stomach with one hand, and pat my head with the other while hopping on one foot!

I guess my physical fatigue can be attributed to my mental fatigue, as much as anything else.  For the love of Hermes, I can’t tell you how happy I am that REST is on the slate for tomorrow!  Just what I’ll need to conquer the four mile, hilly, outdoor run on Saturday.

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