Three Revelations (and Hell Didn’t Freeze Over)

Three revelations from Training Week Two:

1)  I need to do a better job of stretching.

It’s the end of week two and I’m feeling a bit sore.  The muscle tightness (no cramping, though) tells me I need to do a better job of stretching.  I should also lower my expectations.  My brain tells me I should be able to achieve the mileage in a certain amount of time; my body tells me otherwise.   I need to take a lesson from Aesop’s The Tortoise and The Hare – – “slow and steady wins the race”.

2) ‘Tis better not to run after dinner.

Thursday was a busy day.  I didn’t have the opportunity to run in the morning, like I have been.  So in the interest of not missing a workout, I opted to forego dessert and run after dinner.  No, I didn’t end up tossing my proverbial cookies, but I felt mighty sluggish.  To this end, I will now plan to get up a bit earlier and knock out my running obligations first thing.  *sigh of resignation*

3) Running in below freezing temperatures isn’t so bad after all.

The weather forecast for Saturday’s group training run was clear and COLD – as in below freezing.  Although it seems a minor miracle that I am even running at all, I figured hell would surely freeze over before a) I would choose to run outside in cold weather when I could use a perfectly good treadmill in a climate controlled space and b) I would be caught in public in a polyester/spandex blend.  The idea of doing both of those things filled me with such dread that I was plagued by strange dreams on Friday night (climbing rickety staircases, swimming in murky waters with manatees . . . yes, manatees).

After a restless night, I got up before dawn, reluctantly threw on a couple of layers of moisture wicking apparel, scraped the frost off the windshield, and drove to the group training location.  Thankfully, my self-consciousness dissolved when I arrived to find a sea of runners swathed in polyester/spandex.  And as the 10/1 pace group got underway, it seemed I had found the fine line between too many and not enough clothing layers.  Yay!

Then, one mile into the run, I shed my light-weight fleece jacket.  No problem!  I’ll simply tie it around my waist.

At the end of mile two, I removed my gloves.  Fine.  I’ll hold them instead of tucking them in my waistband.

Midway through mile three, at a much needed water stop, I took off my knit hat.  Er, okay.  I’ll stick my gloves inside the hat and hold the hat.    

By the end of the last mile, my breath was ragged, my hair was sweaty, and my scarf & feet were all but dragging.  I, who was fearful of wearing spandex in front of a crowd only an hour before, was ready to strip down to my skivvies.  Alas, I ran . . . in spandex . . .  for four miles in below freezing temperatures, and neither hell nor I froze over!

Now, on to Training Week Three . . . .

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  1. Way to go Blake!!! Keep it up–the training, the learning, and challenging yourself. I think it is absolutely GREAT you are taking on this challenge–you go girl and here’s to Week Three!

  2. Now that is impressive. I find that my running definitely falls off during winter (and we definitely don’t get below freezing all that often).

    Well done.

  3. Hi, thanks for the comment.. We all have to start somewhere



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