A Favorite Saying

“The difference between involvement and commitment is like an eggs and ham breakfast. The chicken was involved. The pig was committed.”

Think about it.  To what things are you committed?  Why?

In this post, I noted that my brother would be a part of this blogging journey.  In a few more days, I will tell you a bit about Andy and what it is that I am committed to.

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  1. I really like that saying. Who said it? Or is it one of those things attributed to no one in particular? Regardless, I look forward to hearing about your brother.

  2. Thanks for asking, Ali! I heard that saying at an event many years ago. The person who said it did not attribute it to anyone. One online source gives Martina Navratilova the credit. I don’t know if it she coined it or borrowed it. Either way, I LOVE the analogy. It stuck with me the moment I first heard it.

    Looking forward to sharing soon. 🙂


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