Third Grade, Zebra Cakes and Reading

The Third grade is tough.  It is a year of transition.  It is when students learn to be more independent; to be fully responsible for assignments, belongings and behavior choices.  This is my Middle Kid’s third grade year.   Although he is a good student both academically and behaviorally, I admit to being a bit apprehensive for him this fall.

Several weeks ago, Middle Kid’s teacher held an Open House for parents.  Usually, Open House is a standard event (like Book Fair and Field Day).  This year, however, teachers were given the option as to whether or not they would offer one.  Oh, how glad I am
that Mrs. K. chose to hold an Open House.  It was the best parent/teacher meeting I’d ever attended.   Mrs. K. not only gave explanations of the daily routine, she demonstrated some of her teaching and managing techniques.  As I left the meeting, I felt confident in her ability to effectively foster independence and knew she would give her students every opportunity to succeed.

This week, Mrs. K. sent a notification home that further boosted my confidence in both her and Middle Kid.   The note announced that all students who met their academic and behavioral goals this grading period had earned a Read In.  A Read In is a quite day where the children can focus on reading in a totally fun and laid back environment.  The idea is to get students motivated to read by choice, not as a requirement And . . . Middle Kid earned Read In this grading period!

Now, get a load of this list of things students can bring to the Read In:

  • Anything you want to eat!
  • Any DECAFFEINATED drink with a TWIST ON TOP (no 2 liter bottles) – I love the all caps clarification.  And the visual of 8 year olds curled up with 2 liter bottles . . . priceless!
  • Any type of book or magazine that is appropriate for school.
  • Blanket or beach towel
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping bag
  • Bean bag
  • Stuffed animal

In addition to his sleeping bag, pillow and stuffed Mario & Luigi characters, here is what my son plans to take:

What’s more is that parents are invited to drop in and bring their own book to read (Is Mrs. K. awesome or what?).  But the cherry on top of this great big Read In sundae is that when I asked Middle Kid what he was most looking forward to about the Read In, his matter-of-fact reply was “Reading”.  And so dissolved any lingering apprehension I had about my son’s third grade year.

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  1. Fantastic – I want a Read In day! Such a great idea.
    Love the Artemis Fowl books too. Not sure if that makes your son advanced or me way behind!


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