Being Ladylike

Late this summer, thanks to the wonderful social media service Twitter, Amanda Sapp was brought to my attention.  She writes a blog called How to Be Ladylike.  As she explains in the ABOUT section, her blog contains whimsical observations and personal narratives.  It also pokes at some larger issues and includes a good dose of randomness.  But hey, don’t let the name of the blog  fool you.  Amanda also issues a promise to try to not curse too much.

Amanda is a native Oregonian who came to Nashville by way of Louisiana and Madrid, Spain (and probably some other really cool places).  Sprinkled liberally among her posts on fashion, food, and the arts are stories about her family and friends. Working Class was the first post of Amanda’s that I came upon.  Whether I read it through the eyes of a daughter or a parent, I’m not sure.  All I know is that my heart caught in my throat as I absorbed the last line through pooled tears.  The line was a simple, precious sentiment expressed by her dad . . . and it was the hook that inspired me to comment and subscribe to her blog.

Amanda’s post titled Automatic Sprinklers made me laugh and conjured memories from my own childhood.  I told Amanda so in the comments.  I mentioned my grandmother’s Apricot Nectar Bundt Cake and Creek Stompin’, and she requested more information on both.  I gladly shared.  Then Amanda did something super sweet (and ladylike) – *she asked for permission to give me a shout out on her blog.

Last week Amanda delivered the shout out in the form of this post:  Recipes from Friends:  Apricot Nectar Bundt Cake.  I was and am incredibly flattered!

Now y’all check out the post, try the recipe, and make sure to subscribe to this talented young lady’s blog!  And if you get your Twitter on, you can also find her there @Amanda_Sapp.

*Amanda made the Ask before I dipped my toes into the waters of blogging.  I’m tickled to have this opportunity to reciprocate!

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