A Few of My Favorite Things

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When I was a kid, I had posters on my walls and trinkets on my dresser.   Little would frustrate me more than when my mom would push aside my precious doodads to make room for a stack of freshly pressed laundry.  She would iron and fold my clothes with great care and I would hurriedly cram them into my dresser drawers so I could focus on putting my tiny perfume bottles and ceramic animals back in their proper places.

It’s funny how life comes full circle.  My daughter’s dresser top is filled with similar coveted treasures.  And while I don’t do justice to laundry like my mom, I do take care not to scramble my daughter’s knickknacks when I leave a stack for her to put away.  Nevertheless, she also crams her clothes into drawers.

My latest fascination could quite possibly eradicate such clutter . . . er, I mean save both space and money for those who like to collect things.  What is this miracle of which I speak?  It is Pinterest, a virtual pinboard on which you can organize and even share the coolest assortment of things.  You can create your own pinboards and view other people’s creations too.  Check it out!  Go categorize and collect to your heart’s content.   But be forewarned:  While Pinterest can save you space and money, if you aren’t careful, it can steal a good bit of your time.  It is addicting!

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